Blame Game Over Hacking Culprit, Deal Reached on Covid Relief Package

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Lawmakers have reached a deal on a Covid-19 Relief package.

The 900 billion dollar package includes extra funding for Covid testing, federal loans to help keep small businesses open, and stimulus checks to those struggling to pay for food or rent.

This will be the second largest government stimulus package in history.

And, the blame game.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced it was Russia that hacked into several U.S. Government agencies.

But, President Trump disagrees and blames China for the attack.

WCCB Charlotte Contributor, Mary C. Curtis weighs in on the latest headlines.

Mary C. Curtis: Coronavirus Relief Bill

CHARLOTTE, NC — All eyes on Congress to see lawmakers will include in the next stimulus package. Senate Republicans and the white house are on different pages – despite being in the same party. While Democrats say they want a deal done soon.

Political contributor Mary C. Curtis has the latest from Washington.