Mary C. Curtis: Will The GOP Continue to Be The Party of Trump?

CHARLOTTE, NC — What is the future of the Republican party?

It’s a question many, even republicans, are wondering after former President Trump’s speech at the conservative political action conference over the weekend.

In his first speech since leaving the white house, Trump criticized President Joe Biden and hinted at a possible 2024 run.

WCCB political contributor Mary C. Curtis has more on what it means moving forward.

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POLITICAL WRAP: Former President Trump Returns to National Stage, Hints at 2024 Run

ORLANDO, F.L. – Former President Trump is making his return to the political stage.

He was the closing speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando.

In his first public comments since leaving the White House, Trump says the journey begun four years ago is “far from over” and says he might even run again in 2024.

“The brave Republicans in this room will be at the heart of the effort to oppose the radical Democrats, the fake news media, and their toxic, cancel culture,” Trump told the crowd.

In the video above, our political contributor Mary C. Curtis gives us her take on the speech and Trump’s political future.


In this episode, Anthony talks with the award-winning political columnist, writer and speaker Mary C. Curtis about life after Trump, the values of the Republican party, and how their conservative principles have “crumbled.”

Johnny Taylor Jr. is chair of the President’s advisory board on Historically Black Colleges and Universities and chief executive of the Society for Human Resource Management, and talks through how we can all help HBCUs – and why “policy should trump politics.”

Finally, world-renowned professor, preacher and bestselling author Michael Eric Dyson chats with Anthony about his latest book ‘Long Time Coming: Reckoning with Race in America.’

POLITICAL WRAP: Donald Trump’s Political Future; Will He Run in 2024?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – One day after former President Trump’s acquittal in his second impeachment trial, the debate is only just beginning about his political future.

So, what are the chances the former President runs again in 2024?

Our political contributor, Mary C. Curtis, gives us her take.

Mary C. Curtis: Lawmakers Divided on COVID Relief Bill & Trump Impeachment Trial

CHARLOTTE, NC — As former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial plays out in the Senate, the House is working on a $1.9 trillion dollar COVID relief bill which includes $1,400 stimulus checks.

But lawmakers are divided on who should be eligible for those direct payments and whether to include an increase to the minimum wage.

WCCB Political Contributor talks about what’s at stake.

You can catch Mary C. Curtis on Sunday nights at 6:30 PM on WCCB Charlotte’s CW discussing the biggest issues in local and national politics and also giving us a look at what’s ahead for the week.

POLITICAL WRAP: Trump 2nd Impeachment Trial; Latest on Stimulus

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Former President Trump’s second impeachment trial begins this week.

Our political contributor Mary C. Curtis gives us her take on that in the video above, along with Democrats’ latest push on the stimulus.

Now What? With Steve Kettmann, Mary C. Curtis, and Anthony Scaramucci. A Book Passage Event

Join Editor Steve Kettmann and contributors Mary C. Curtis and Anthony Scaramucci as they read from and discuss their new book Now What? a collection of essays about life after Trump presented by Book Passage.

The GOP talks a good game, but let’s review those conservative principles

What is the Republican Party in 2021? It’s easier to say what it’s not.

With a majority of the party’s House members voting to invalidate the results of a free and fair election, and a good chunk of its voters going along with the fantasy that Donald Trump was robbed, it’s clear the GOP is not a stickler for democracy or the Constitution. And with most Republican senators not interested in holding an impeachment trial for a former president accused of “inciting an insurrection,” Americans can be pretty sure the party is not too keen on accountability.

It’s not a new contradiction. But while it’s true that the GOP has long instructed voters not to “look behind the curtain,” the mess that is spilling out has become impossible to ignore. The sight of thousands of violent rioters storming the center of legislative government will do that.

So what are just a few of the slogans that have crumbled?

POLITICAL WRAP: New Impeachment Attorneys for Fmr. Pres. Trump; COVID Stimulus Talks

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Five of former President Trump’s impeachment defense attorneys are off the case, a little more than a week before the Senate Trial beg

POLITICAL WRAP: President Trump 2nd Impeachment Trial; COVID Rollout Improvement Efforts

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Senate plans to begin former President Trump’s trial next month.

The article will be presented Monday, and Senators will be sworn in as jurors Tuesday.

Our political contributor Mary C. Curtis has more on this in the video above, along with the latest on efforts to improve the COVID vaccine rollout.