Columnist at Roll Call on Trump troubles ahead of the election

Mary C. Curtis, a Columnist at Roll Call, talked about the number of scandals and troubles U.S. President Donald Trump faces less than eight weeks away from the 2020 election.

POLITICAL WRAP: Woodward Interview; Campaign Trail

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Fallout continues after President Trump’s comments to Bob Woodward about downplaying the danger of the coronavirus.

But Woodward is facing criticism too, about holding the comments for a date closer to the election.

Our political contributor Mary C. Curtis has more on that in the video above, along with the latest as the campaigns turn their attention to the battleground states.

Bob Woodward’s Bombshell Book on the Trump White House

CHARLOTTE, NC — Bob Woodward’s ‘Fear,’ the Long-Awaited Book on the Trump Presidency.  Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward has written books on every president since Richard Nixon. The latest, “Fear,” on Donald Trump’s administration has garnered the Watergate reporter headlines, again. In it, he quotes chief of staff John Kelly as saying, “We’re in Crazytown,” a statement Kelly has denied saying. The book joins others from Omarosa and Michael Wolff on the best-seller list. (Mary Curtis)

Is the Woodward book being taken more seriously, and why? WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis weighs in.