N.C. Abortion Law Sparks Protests; Governor Responds with Cookies

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory sent out a plate of cookies to abortion law protesters who had gathered outside the governor’s mansion on Tuesday. Audie Cornish speaks with Mary C. Curtis, who writes for the Washington Post’s blog She the People, about the incident and North Carolina politics.

Kermit Gosnell trial: It’s about more than politics

Karnamaya Mongar is the name of the 41-year-old woman Kermit Gosnell is charged with murdering; she allegedly received high doses of anesthetic at his Philadelphia abortion clinic. The seven children Gosnell is accused of killing at his Women’s Medical Society, as it was called, didn’t have the chance to be named. They are what the trial of the Philadelphia abortion doctor is about. But in the media coverage – and the arguments over the amount and prominence of that coverage – those individuals often fade into the background.

The women and children of color, the alleged victims, need to be at the top of every story now guaranteed to be written about the Gosnell trial, not pushed off center stage, replaced by an agenda.