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What’s Next After Tuesday’s Big Wins for Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton?

CHARLOTTE, NC — Following some much needed wins in Tuesday’s northeastern primaries, Donald Trump now has 77% of the Republican delegates and Hillary Clinton now has at least 90% of the Democratic delegates needed to win their party’s nomination.

WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis breaks down the results and looks ahead at what we can expect to see as we get closer to the finish line.

The Woman Not Called During the Clarence Thomas Hearings

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The political theater that put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, and Anita Hill and the issue of sexual harassment in the national conversation happened in 1991, but the recent HBO movie “Confirmation” rehashed those debates.

Angela Wright Shannon, then known as Angela Wright — or the other woman who accused Thomas of inappropriate words and behavior — got to see herself portrayed by Academy Award-winning Jennifer Hudson in that film, which she was asked to consult on but chose not to. She heard characters repeat the words of a column she wrote, not for publication but for a writing sample, which was leaked to the office of Senate Judiciary Committee chair Sen. Joseph Biden and led to a subpoena.


Breaking Down the Impact of the New York Primary

CHARLOTTE, NC — The New York primaries are in the books and the big winners are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. While Clinton’s win puts her within arms reach of the Democratic Party nomination, Trump’s win pushes him closer while effectively knocking out any possibility of Cruz or Kasich getting the nomination before the Republican convention. WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis breaks down what Tuesday’s wins mean for the different candidates and how it impacts the path forward.

Life Before and After Getting Tossed from a Trump Rally

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On a recent afternoon, Rose Hamid sat at a table at one of the busiest business intersections in the city’s center, sharing information about her faith and handing out copies of the Koran in English and Spanish.

Hamid, president of Muslim Women of the Carolinas, finds peace living in the so-called Bible belt. “Charlotte is a city where people are strong in their faith,” she said.  “That’s something that’s comforting for me.”

Weighing In on NC Gov. Pat McCrory’s HB2 Executive Order

CHARLOTTE, NC — The recent executive order given by Governor Pat McCrory has raised new questions, and leaves many still wondering how it all plays out in the Governor’s race and South Carolina. WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis weighs in on how the different story lines could play out as the battle over LGBT rights continues.

Even Hillary May Not Find Bill Clinton So Charming Anymore

When President Bill Clinton was winning two elections and presiding over economic boom times, his “Slick Willie” nickname highlighted a penchant for wanting to play all sides to stay on top. He was praised for feeling the pain of Americans and rode into a post presidency on a wave of high approval ratings, but the flaws are evident in his latest forays into his wife’s unexpectedly tough presidential primary campaign.

Though Bill Clinton’s telling off protesters in Philadelphia holding signs and interrupting his speech to remind him of the consequences of his 1994 crime bill may actually help his wife win some voters who believe the demonstrators deserve what he dished out, the image of the red-faced former president wagging a finger and dressing down young activists is not a good look. And his “I almost want to apologize” backtracking was condescending and too cute by half.


What’s Next Following the Wisconsin Primaries?


CHARLOTTE, NC — Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders both pulled off big wins in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primaries upsetting each party’s front runner Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The victories narrow the delegates gap between the party nominee hopefuls. WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis talks with us about the wins and what’s next in the race for the White House.

In North Carolina, LGBT Bill Is Political and Personal

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It doesn’t take much to re-brand a state. Ask North Carolina.

Here’s the formula: Have the general assembly call a special session to pass a law that revokes an LGBT-anti-discrimination ordinance approved by the state’s largest city — plus throw a few other restrictive goodies into the package. Then wait for the headlines that compare you unfavorably to Georgia, whose governor just vetoed a related “religious freedom” bill. You then become the headquarters for boycotts and petitions on one side and thankful prayers on the other. And, just like that, watch a once touted label as a progressive outpost in the South disappear.

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