Archives for October 2015

Challenges for the future of schools in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC — School diversity, student reassignment, busing and magnet schools are all hot topics in the conversations happening between CMS board members. WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis is with us to discuss how some of the proposed changes could affect your child’s school.

The Uncertain State of Politics

CHARLOTTE, NC —    Primaries and caucuses in the 2016 presidential election are just months away, and the Democratic  and Republican races are as unclear as ever. Joe Biden still hasn’t said whether he’s running. And is Donald Trump the real thing? WCCB Political Contributor, Mary C. Curtis, weighs in on the race for the White House.

Recapping the Democratic Debate and Discussing the Superintendent Controversy Here in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC — Everyone is breaking down the debate last night between the Democratic Presidential hopefuls, plus there is a Superintendent controversy brewing right here in Charlotte. Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis is with us this morning to take a look at the performances last night during the debate, and talk about the upcoming expiration of CMS Superintendent Ann Clark’s contract.

How Tragedies Can Impact a Political Career

CHARLOTTE, NC — Flooding across South Carolina has the state making national headlines, and that means all eyes are also now on the Governor. How you secure the necessary pieces, both on a state and federal level, to help the state recover quickly and effectively could make or break a political career. Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis stops by to explain, and talk about the success Governor Nikki Haley has had throughout these difficult times.