He Said, She Said, We Said, You Said

For the latest Weekend Watch Party, our critics cued up “His Girl Friday,” Howard Hawks’s fast-paced 1940 newspaper comedy about a big-city editor and the ace reporter who also happens to be his ex-wife. The romantic, journalistic and political high jinks that drive the picture defy easy summary, but there are a lot of spoilers here. The two leading players — Rosalind Russell as Hildy Johnson and Cary Grant as Walter Burns — have a lot to say. As did our own newsroom motormouths and, of course, the soul of any paper, printed or digital — you, our readers.

It’s Never Boring in North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — LIVING in a purple state can be exhausting, but it’s never boring. What we lack in entertainment value — it would be hard to beat our southern neighbor, where Representative Mark Sanford recently broke up with the Argentine “soul mate” he’d had an extramarital affair with while he was governor — we make up for in unpredictability.