Work life of Mary C. Curtis, multimedia journalist

Within minutes of meeting Mary C. Curtis, you’ll get a full rundown of what’s buzzing on Capitol Hill, a breakdown of the big headlines in Charlotte, plus a sneak peek at the must-see cultural events coming up in the city. The woman knows her stuff. Mary is a contributor for a number of national media outlets such as The Washington Post, The Root and MSNBC, just to name a few. She extends her reach across the country all the way from Charlotte. In addition to her daily assignments, she keeps a close watch on politics impacting North Carolina with a local, weekly segment on WCCB News Rising.

Did I mention Mary is a Senior Facilitator with The OpEd Project, at Yale University? She’s not busy — that is what you called “booked.”

Mary recently invited me as her guest to the Community Building Initiative Stakeholder’s Breakfast in Charlotte and I watched as she worked the room from her seat. Several individuals, including community leaders and elected officials, came to our table to greet her. I wish I had a shirt that read, “I’m with Mary.” Luckily, I didn’t need it. She was gracious enough to introduce me and my accomplishments to her network.