Younger Progressive Dems May Replace Outgoing CBC Members

Two Friday night appearances on Prime with Charles M. Blow on the Black News Channel, to talk about what next on voting rights, and how a new generation of young, progressive members of the Congressional Black Caucus could change politics:

The state of democracy one year after January 6

Talked about the state of democracy one year after January 6 with Charles Blow and Ohio State professor Hasan Kwame Jeffries on BNC’s ‘Prime.’

Kamala Harris and President Biden Haven’t Discussed Re-Election

#KamalaHarris gave a recent interview to the #WallStreetJournal and discussed a number of things from immigration to reelection. Laverne McGee, Sisters Lead Sisters Vote President Holli Holliday and Mary C. Curtis break down some of her responses and more, on #PRIME.

Is Vice President Kamala Harris’ Team on the Outs?

Reports of tension among VP Kamala Harris’ team has many questioning her future and more. To discuss why so much scrutiny is being placed on Harris, Charles M. Blow brought on The Guardian opinion columnist Michael Harriot and #CQRollCall columnist Mary C. Curtis.

Omicron Surge Worrying Experts as Holiday Travel Increases

Tonight, Laverne McGee, BNC chief medical editor Dr. Corey Hebert, MD and podcast host Mary C. Curtis discuss #omicron. The variant is surging and we’re starting to repeat the same worrying events that occurred in earlier #COVID days. #PRIME

South Carolina Legislators Approve Execution by Firing Squad

Charles Blow sits down with Roll Call columnist Mary C. Curtis on the South Carolina House, adding death by firing squad as an execution method for inmates on death row because of the lack of lethal injection drugs. “A lot of companies don’t want to be involved in this,” Curtis tells Blow on why states are running out of these lethal; injection drugs. “They gave prisoners on death row an option to do lethal injection or the electric chair since they don’t have the drugs.”