Tech Entrepreneur Netia McCray Discusses Surviving COVID-19

COVID-19 ‘s disproportionate impact on communities of color has forced the nation to confront how systemic racism has shaped both health and health care in this country.

In this four-part discussion series, host Mary C. Curtis will talk to advocates and experts about how structural and institutional racism has impacted the health care system and about what can be done to change it.

The series is brought to you by WFAE, Everyday Health, the health information giant; and ClearHealthCosts, an organization that creates transparency about medical costs.

In the first discussion Curtis and Netia McCray discuss McCray’s battle with COVID-19 and her difficulty getting a correct diagnosis and proper treatment even as she struggled to breathe and even passed out. Feeling hopeless after multiple visits to the doctor and hospital, McCray asked her partner to help put her affairs in order because she was convinced she would die.