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Insight on a New Book About Presidential Hopeful and Former First Lady Hillary Clinton

CHARLOTTE, NC — Most of the talk about the 2016 race for the White House focuses on the Republican candidates, but there’s really only one name you hear when talking about the Democratic field. WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis is with us this morning to discuss a new book about Hillary Clinton.

Discussing the Growing List of Governors Asking to Halt Refugee Resettlement

CHARLOTTE, NC — Syrian refugees are a hot topic across the nation and world, and they will be the focus when North Carolina’s Government Oversight Committee meets today. Governor McCrory is among 34 governors asking the federal government to stop resettlement of refugees in the U.S. The request comes after investigators say one of the Paris attackers may have made his way into France disguised as a Syrian refugee. WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis joins us this morning to discuss the request and what it could mean for our state and our country.

Mary C. Curtis Discusses CMPD Crime Strategy Following Chief Putney’s Request For More Officers

CHARLOTTE, NC — Fighting crime in the Queen City comes at a cost, and now CMPD Chief Kerr Putney is asking the city for more officers to help the cause. WCCB Charlotte Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis is with us this morning to talk about Chief Putney’s recent request and the problems with local recruitment.

CharlotteHas a New Mayor. What’s Next For The QC?

CHARLOTTE, NC — The race for Charlotte Mayor is over as Democrat Jennifer Roberts beat out Republican Edwin Peacock for the title Tuesday evening. WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis is here to weigh in on the victory and talk about what’s next.

Convention CEO Leah Daughtry Makes History, Represents Generations

The Rev. Leah D. Daughtry, the Chief Executive Officer of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, has a hard act to follow — her own.

She already has plans to make next July’s Philadelphia gathering “the most diverse and the most forward-looking convention that we’ve had in recent history,” she told NBCBLK in a recent conversation. “We’ve got so much technology at our disposal, so many cutting-edge things that are on the horizon that really reflect the way the way people live and work and play in the 21st century.”

Daughtry had history on her side her first time as convention CEO in Denver in 2008, when Barack Obama was nominated to lead the presidential ticket. She understands the challenge ahead.

‘Fire Starters’ in Women’s Philanthropy Focus on Regeneration

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WOMENSENEWS)–It may be the season when the national focus on donors turns to the political campaigns, but recently 300 women from 23 states came here to share insight and inspiration about something quite different: women’s collective giving.