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Charlotte’s Budget Battle and You

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A 1 cent property tax increase is just one of the items on the table to fix Charlotte’s $22 million shortfall. WCCB Charlotte Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis sits down with Rising’s Kristine Zell to do number crunching and weighs the options ahead of the city’s budget adoption.

Is there a political future for the FLOTUS?

Have you noticed First Lady Michelle Obama seems to be everywhere lately? Could this be part of a bigger plan for her to run for political office later on? Rev. Sharpton talks to Allison Samuels and Mary C. Curtis for more.

Harriet Tubman on the $20: Token Gesture, or a Good Start?

When she served as a Union spy during the Civil War or returned time after time to lead enslaved people to freedom over trails she herself had blazed, Harriet Tubman operated in stealth. Today she is the center of attention and debate. That’s what happens when an African American icon is chosen to replace a president on the $20 bill in a country that is still struggling to resolve issues of race, gender, and privilege.

2015 SPJ Green Eyeshade Awards

Honored to win two awards in online category: First in serious commentary; second in political reporting.

What’s next for Charlotte after police chief Rodney Monroe retires?

CHARLOTTE, NC — CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe says he wants more family time, but there is still a lot of speculation about what is really behind his retirement. Mary C. Curtis, WCCB Charlotte’s Political Contributor, is in the studio to weigh in on Chief Monroe’s departure and give a look at his tenure, legacy, and what’s next for Charlotte.

The Controversy Over Michelle Obama’s Recent Remarks

CHARLOTTE, NC — Michelle Obama’s remarks to the graduates of Tuskegee University has caused a little controversy, with many asking “Is talking about racism racist?” WCCB Charlotte Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis stops by to discuss and giver her thoughts on the First Lady’s remarks.

To read a copy of Michelle Obama’s speech, click here.

You can also watch a recent panel hosted by Mary C. Curtis in Asheville that focused on healing by clicking here. The conference was sponsored by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, with more than 500 civil rights and social justice leaders.



2015 America Healing Conference — Healing Relationships between Police and Communities of Color

In light of recent events in Baltimore, Ferguson and cities around the country, there is an elevated level of distrust between many communities and police departments. Trust between law enforcement and the people they serve is integral to creating safe places where children and families can thrive. Hear from civil rights and social justice leaders about racial healing after Ferguson, how to move forward to prevent future crises and specifically ideas for rebuilding relationships between law enforcement and communities of color.

Beyond The Headlines, There’s Much More To West Baltimore

The complexities of Baltimore seem largely out of the reach of the media that descends, as usual, only when certain neighborhoods burn.