Archives for March 2015

Dan Clodfelter’s Charlotte Mayoral Run Announcement

CHARLOTTE, NC — Mayor Dan Clodfelter has announced his plans to run for mayor. WCCB’s Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis talks with Terrance about what the announcement means for the city, and how the city’s current budget crisis, among other issues, will impact his campaign.

The Loretta Lynch Stall and the Charlotte Budget Deficit

CHARLOTTE, NC — Loretta Lynch is struggling through the nomination process for United States Attorney General, and she has gotten no help from North Carolina’s senators. Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis talks with Terrance about Lynch’s nomination process, and gives some insight on Charlotte’s $15 million budget deficit.

Events in Ferguson — What’s Next?

It’s a case with reverberations across the world. On a London-based radio program on March 12, 2015, Mary C. Curtis discusses events in Ferguson, Missouri, including tensions surrounding the shooting of two police officers and a scathing Department of Justice report on discrimination in the city’s administration and policies.



The Chances of a North Carolina Anti-Profiling Bill


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — WCCB Charlotte’s Political Contributor, Mary C. Curtis addresses North Carolina’s stance on race relations and law enforcement with Rising’s Terrance Bates.

Charlotte’s Non-Discrimination Vote

CHARLOTTE, NC — After voting down the Non-Discrimination Ordinance Monday evening, people are still debating the issue. Mary C. Curtis talks with Terrance about what the Charlotte law would have done, how the vote was broken down, and how the issue relates to same-sex marriage. Curtis also gives input on what this could do to Charlotte’s image.