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Dori J. Maynard Believed ‘Journalism and Life Demand All Voices’

It’s hard to imagine the world without Dori Maynard in it. She leaves an incredible legacy and has touched so many. You can hear it in the many tributes greeting the news of her death. How did she manage to do so much in 56 years? How could she be so many places, making speeches and driving home the point that journalism and life demand all voices in order to work in any accurate and meaningful way—and then offering wise counsel and a sympathetic ear in a late-night phone call to a friend?

Charlotte’s New Ethics Policy — Does It Go Far Enough?

CHARLOTTE, NC — The Charlotte City Council recently passed a new set of ethics policies. Mary Curtis talks with Terrance about the new rules and provides some perspective on how it updates the previous policies updated in 2010.

VP Biden and Secretary Foxx in Charlotte for Grow America


CHARLOTTE, NC: Vice President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx came to Charlotte on Thursday to push “Grow America”, an initiative to buildup America’s infrastructure. Award winning columnist Mary C. Curtis attended the event and talks with WCCB News Rising’s Terrance Bates about the ambitious project.

Nick T and PRESSing Matters

News of the week, from Moral Mondays to “Fifty Shades.”

Judge Halts President Obama’s Immigration Order — For Now

 CHARLOTTE, NC — North Carolina is one of 26 states to join a lawsuit filed by Texas to stop President Obama’s executive order allowing thousands of undocumented immigrants to apply for work permits and protections. Political Contributor Mary Curtis says the judge’s order isn’t really about the policy itself, but how it was implemented.

Charlotte’s The Next Big Thing — Again

CHARLOTTE, NC- The Atlanta Journal Constitution has named Charlotte as a “legitimate contender for regional heavyweight status.” WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis talks with Terrance about why the Queen City is considered a top rival for Atlanta.

Previewing the State of the State

CHARLOTTE, NC- Governor Pat McCrory will give his State of the State Address tonight and WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis previews what he plans to talk about. She says in his “Carolina Comeback” speech he may cover the Medicaid expansion plans, transpotation, education and teacher pay. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say ahead of the 2016 election.

In the Loretta Lynch Confirmation Hearings, the GOP Continued to Drive Black Voters Away

In recognition of Black History Month, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Co-Chair Sharon Day have released a statement in which Priebus says that “as we reflect on the generations of African Americans who contributed immensely to the fabric of our country and to the Republican Party, let us honor their legacy not just by what we say, but also in what we do.”

Yet last week, GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee called Catherine Engelbrecht to testify as the panel met to consider the nomination of Loretta Lynch. Lynch will become the first female African-American attorney general, and head of the Department of Justice, if she passes the panel’s gauntlet and is confirmed.