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Justice at last for the Friendship 9

CHARLOTTE, NC: Today, a Rock Hill judge will overturn a conviction dating back to 1961 for the Friendship Nine. A group of black students were arrested for sitting at a whites-only lunch counter. Award winning columnist and speaker Mary C. Curtis talks with WCCB News Rising’s Terrance Bates about this local case’s significance in the Civil Rights history of America.

Recapping the State of the Union Address

CHARLOTTE, NC- WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis recaps the President’s State of the Union Address and the response many Republicans had. Mary talks with Terrance about the President’s economic picture and how it could affect Americans.

Previewing the president’s State Of The Union

CHARLOTTE, NC- The President hopes to impress a Republican majority on Capitol Hill and the country tonight in his State of the Union Address. He’s in his last two years and looking forward to what his legacy will be. WCCB Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis previewed the event with Terrance. She says the economy will be a hot topic. The President wants to simplify the tax code and help lower income and middle class families. Astrid Muhammad, from Charlotte, will be in the First Lady’s block during the speech. The Affordable Health Care Act helped her when she discovered she had a brain tumor and needed it removed.

State of the City Address

CHARLOTTE, NC- Mayor Dan Clodfelter recently laid out his plans for the city of Charlotte in his State of the City address. He says a “re-invention” is key. WCCB Charlotte Political Contributor Mary C. Curtis was there when the mayor gave his speech. Clodfelter, who was appointed, could be running in the next election. Clodfelter would not talk politics during the speech, but said the state and city were strong.


North Carolina’s Impact in Washington Congressional Session


CHARLOTTE, NC- It’s day two for leaders on Capitol Hill and there’s already been controversy and drama. Political Contributor Mary Curtis previews how North Carolina’s Representatives are stacking up in Washington. Governor Pat McCrory visited with President Obama to discuss the states Medicaid plan. He wants to be able to alter the plan based on the states needs. Senator Thom Tillis has been sworn in and is getting to work. Mary talks about things he promised during his campaign and how she thinks they’ll work out now that he’s in office.

The Best Columns of 2014

The Daily Beast picks the top offerings by the nation’s columnists, from Charles Blow’s first-rate prose to Roger Cohen’s elegiac tones to Mary Schmich’s artful misdirection. Every year, we catalogue the best columns of the year here at The Daily Beast. Amid a sea of year-end Best Ofs in songs, movies, and books, the column is still a strangely neglected American art form, despite the democratic proliferation of online opinion.


New Year’s Resolutions for Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As we conclude 2014, Charlotte has made the headlines for both the good and not so good. Political contributor and columnist, Mary C. Curtis takes a look back at the mayoral scandal, the ongoing dispute over the streetcar project and race relations in the city.